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Westport Harbour owns and operates a trailing suction hopper dredger named the Kawatiri.

The 55m twin-screw 915 gross tonne Kawatiri has a loaded draft of 4.1m and is capable of trailing suction dredging to a depth of 10.5m, with grab dredging to 15m.


The ship has a 200 BHP bow thruster and a hopper capacity of 635m3.

The Kawatiri dredges the Westport Harbour and is also available for outport dredging.

Kawatiri specifications

  • Trailing Suction + Grab
  • Twin Screw
  • Length 55m
  • 915 Gross Tons
  • Bow Thruster 200 BHP
  • Hopper Capacity 635m3
  • Dredging Depth 10.5m CD, Grab Depth 15m CD
  • Loaded Draft 4.1m
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