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Sampan in the sunset
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5:00pm Tuesday 12 April 2023

Depth: 2.4m

Shallow spots recorded between .5 and 2 cables and also around 4 cables.

Allow at least 2 hours of tide before and after low water.

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Westport Harbour

Phone: 03 788 8086 or 0800 4 WPTHBR (0800 4978427)

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Westport Harbour
PO Box 21
Westport 7866

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Westport Harbour
Lower Palmerston Street
Westport 7825

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Crossing the Westport bar

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Crossing the Westport bar

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Crossing the Westport bar

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Crossing the Westport bar

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Report to WESTPORT HARBOUR masters office, to complete induction forms and collect access cards.

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  • At the entrance of the WESTPORT HARBOUR, visitors are required to:
    1. Drive into the visitors parking and walk up to the intercom and press the call button to notify presence onsite and inform the WESTPORT HARBOUR operational staff or senior member of your vessel (skipper)
    2. Present my Access controlled Proximity card to entry the premises.

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  • Security is in accordance with the international Maritime Organisation and Port Facility Security Cde (ISPS Code). Any persons found to be attempting to prevent security measures or tamper with security equipment such as cameras, automatic gates etc... may be banned from site permanently. It is also important to mention in WESTPORT HARBOUR security measures'

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  • we do have CCTV system to overview and visual recording solutions in place to monitor WESTPORT HARBOUR premises, this is to support in HEALTH &SAFTEY solutions and prevention of vandal/theft activities. Al recordings are recorded for a period of 30 days prior to deletion. All events of importance are achieved and stored for review up to and beyond 5 Years.